2016 Pro Results

TEXAS MEAD CUP   Professional  Competition  
Meadery NameDivisionMead NameAward  
Charm City Mead Works        
  Semi-Sweet Traditional Sweet Blossom Bronze  
  Dry Traditional Original Dry Silver  
  Spice/Herb/Veg Basil Lemongrass Bronze  
  Spice/Herb/Veg Hops Gold  
Enchanted Manor Meadery        
  Sweet Traditional Texas Ren Fest Traditional Silver  
  Historical Queen Mother's Mead Gold  
  Experimental Bochet Gold  
Green Bench Mead and Cider        
  Melomel The Northerner Silver  
  Melomel Nights in Goa Gold  
  Experimental Green Bench Bochet Gold  
  Experimental The Golden Apple Silver  
Griffin Meadery        
  Dry Traditional Awesome Blossom Silver  
  Semi-Sweet Traditional Kindred Silver  
  Spice/Herb/Veg Snap Bronze  
Haymaker Meadery        
  Experimental Parlor Silver  
  Experimental Calypso Gold  
Liquid Alchemy Beverages        
  Melomel Cosmo-naughty Silver  
  Fruit and Spice THAI-GRRR Gold Best in Show
  Spice/Herb/Veg Pucker up Baby Gold  
Melo Lion Meadery        
  Semi-Sweet Traditional Sunshine Daydream Gold  
  Berry Blackberry Mead Silver  
  Berry Strawberry Mead Gold  
  Stone Fruit Cherry Bronze  
Monks Meadery        
  Dry Traditional Monks Mead Silver  
Mystik Oak Meadery        
  Spice/Herb/Veg Spice Gold  
The Colony Meadery        
  Melomel Wu Tang Cran' Silver  
  Spice/Herb/Veg Beso Exotico Gold